Welcome to Heron’s Gate

We are excited to welcome you to our Holistic Horsemanship center where the focus is on building relationships and learning from these amazing creatures.

If you are looking for a low stress, fun and engaging way to interact with horses you will find them here. Groundwork, obstacle courses, equine agility with horses big and small (and maybe a  mini donkey too).

If you need a quiet place to heal with support from an experienced practitioner and a herd of medicine horses we can help.   We have strategies to work with stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, attachment and more.   

If you are looking for personal development, particularly in the area of leadership we have one of the most experienced leadership coaches available to help accelerate your impact and strengthen your leadership practice.  If you need help sorting out your next steps we can guide you through that process.

Due to Covid-19 all lessons are private.  All interactions are outdoors or in a large indoor arena with lots of air flow.  Masks or face shields are required when proper distancing is not possible.   Once you are comfortable with the horses generally distance is easy to maintain.


We work mostly with horses from on the ground. Its safer and less stressful for everyone.  Start by learning about horses – how they think, how they communicate, then learn to listen to them and finally learn to ask for what you would like.  Riding is an option once the basics are mastered..

We do liberty work, obstacles, relationship building, clicker training and more.


Horses mirror our feelings which assist us in identifying and releasing underlying emotional blockages.  We have facilitators  who have been studying equine and human behaviour for over 20 years who will gently guide you through a healing process that will assist with anxiety, deptression, trauma recovery, attachment disortders and just plain stress.  

Holistic Leadership 

Our Horse Sense programs have been a huge success with Corporate customers since 2004.  We offer one on one programs for those wanting to improve their impact, understand transformational leaderhip and help you become the leader our modern world needs.  Let go of control and embrace strength based holistic leadership.

Bigs and littles

You can choose to interact with the big horses or the littles or mix it up.   If you have anxiety issues or just want something different you may enjoy interacting with our amazing ponies – and in the future some lovely mini donkeys.