The Outdoor Life that Nature Intended

The horses at Heron’s Gate live outdoors in large fields with large shelters, free choice hay (round bales in hay huts) and heated water.

Blankets for extra warmth for older horses

Shelter in Main field is 20 x 36 feet room for all

Horses have spent the last 10,000 years or more wandering about in herds, following their leaders to safety, having free access to food and water and the opportunity to move into the shelter of a wind break when they need it.  We try to give our horses the same experience – and they thrive on it.

Sometimes a horse needs a stall – because they need extra feed or are recovering from an injury – or maybe their owner has a special need.  We have two permanent stalls = one is 10 x 20 – big enough for two horses or so one horse has lots of room to move and the other is 10×12.  If you want private feeding these stalls are available but most of our horses live out.

Boarders have access to our indoor arena, meeting room, tack room and feed room.

We are working on adding a Track system to the main field.  This way the horses will get more exercise and we can manage the fields even better.  We have a few more upgrades coming – outdoor obstacle course, private grazing for when you want to just hang out with your horse, a riding/walking labyrinth, more trails,  agility obstacles and more.

If you feel that you don’t quite fit in a traditional barn – because you are over 21, because you are just as happy hanging out with your horse as riding him, because you don’t really want to ride at the moment, because you like to explore alternative therapies for your horse, because you want to ride without a bit or even without a bridle – or just to be part of a supportive open minded community.

You will find a welcome here.